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Interconnected and Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems Focused on ICT and Mobility

INFIMO is a Horizon Europe project focused on strategic collaboration between clusters and diverse innovation actors from Estonia, Portugal, and Georgia. INFIMO is using information and communication technologies for digital and green transition in various economic sectors aligned with the Industry 5.0 framework.

Main Objectives

Building a 
strategic partnership

that engages more diverse innovation actors from Estonia, Portugal and Georgia.

Development of two collaboration models

supporting the digital and green twin transition in various economic sectors.

Supporting science-based product/ service development

and setting up Research, Development and Innovation pilots in the INFIMO ecosystems focused on the mobility.

Stronger involvement of women 

and increase gender-responsiveness of services offered by the partners.

Supporting the exchange of best practices, skills and knowledge

and mutual learning by the involved networks and various innovation actors.

Building contacts and paving 
the way for collaboration 

with relevant networks and innovation ecosystems in the EU and associated countries.

Work Packages and Project Deliverables

Explore the work packages and key public deliverables of the INFIMO project.

Meet the Partners

Estonian ICT Cluster

Legal entity Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL). ITL represents a Strong Innovator region and bridges the project with three large European networks, the European Digital SME Alliance, DIGITALEUROPE and ITS Nationals. 


MOBINOV is an automotive cluster from Portugal which represents a Moderate Innovator region and leverages outreach of the project to other EU mobility and automotive clusters via the European Automotive Cluster Network.

Georgian ICT Cluster

Georgian ICT Cluster represents a Modest Innovator region and links the project with other Georgian cluster initiatives and innovation actors in various industrial sectors. 

Baltic Innovation Agency

Baltic Innovation Agency from Estonia is an experienced innovation management company and a representative of the Enterprise Europe Network in the project.